Holiday Dentistry: Aging and Dental Health

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If you would like to keep your teeth safe and functioning correctly in the twilight years of your life, it is important to make sure you are practicing effective oral hygiene habits, employing a healthy lifestyle, and eating a healthy diet. As you age, your teeth wear down, and you’re more susceptible to numerous ailments not only with your oral health but also with your physical health. Ask yourself the following questions to determine if you’re doing enough to keep your smile safe:

– Have you ever considered using upgraded tools that are easier to operate, such as electric toothbrushes and water flossers?

– Do you consistently use brushes that have soft bristles, and do you use non-abrasive toothpaste?

– Are you aware that if you have dentures, to you always make sure to clean them daily?

– With bad habits such a smoking or drinking heavy alcohol, are you aware of the oral health risks that they present?

– Have you routinely made time for your dentist by visiting the dentist office for routine checkups and professional cleanings?

– Do you employ an effective flossing routine by flossing effectively for 2-3 minutes every day?

– Are you eating healthy and avoiding potentially harmful snacks that can damage your teeth?

Now is the best time to visit the dentist office of Open Door Family Dentistry for aging dentistry treatment. Dr. Ryan Bailey and our team at our office in Grants Pass, Oregon, is here to ensure you receive the aging dentistry treatments to keep your smile in peak condition. We can be reached by calling us at 541-479-5505.